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Two fishermen rescued by the Stena Saga crew

2017-03-29 | Onboard | No comments

Here at Stena Line it’s always safety first and we are constantly focusing on keeping our organisation on its toes through clear processes, modern technique and regular safety drills. This helped the Stena Saga crew to quickly act and rescue two fishermen whose boat sank in the early morning hours this Wednesda...

Between the years of 1970-1971

2017-03-10 | Onboard | No comments

In the years 1964-1969, through a grand development program, Stena evolves from being a passenger shipping company focused on shopping trips, into Sweden’s leading ferry operator. In 1970, they employ four ships on three different lines. Operations are carried out with Sweden’s two largest cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg, as bases. In the years 1970-71, the…

How do ships float? How does it work?

What really floats your boat?

2017-02-14 | Onboard | No comments

Introducing “How Does it Work?” with Sigurd and Lillie. Ever wondered why some things float and others don’t? Sigurd, cruise host on the Stena Danica and co-host of our new bi-weekly video series “How Does it Work?” has been wondering too. And so did a Greek mathematician called Archimedes who was born almost 3000 years…

Travel Trends 2017 - We let our interests decide

How will we travel 2017 – trends and predictions

2017-02-07 | Onboard | No comments

Our choice of destination shows who we are, especially as we are eager to share our travel experiences on social media and we want to stand out and be different, both when it comes to what we see and what we do. Online and individual bookings as well as apps already ...

Dan Sten Olsson på Valö

An incredible Olsson turns 70!

2017-02-03 | Onboard | 6 Comments

It all started at the kitchen table when Dan Sten Olsson was only 15 years old, the journey with Stena Line. Today our main owner, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Stena AB celebrates his 70th birthday. There have been many eventful and exciting years that we would like to share with you here…

Stena Europe’s Captain Richard Davies

Shark trapped in Fishguard Harbour – rescued by the Captain

2017-01-12 | Onboard | No comments

It was just another December Monday and Stena Line crew member Daniel Williams was on the quayside tying up the Stena Europe who had just docked in Fishguard. That’s when he saw something moving in the water. Something big, Really big, it turned out to be a shark! Daniel Williams is from ...

Seagull on a hull

2016 – What a year!

2016-12-30 | Onboard | No comments

As a new year is approaching it is time to look back on 2016 and be proud of what’s been achieved. So… are you ready for some bragging? It’s time to sum up 2016 – and what a year it has been! But let’s begin with the major stuff. Four new ships. Not one or…

William the master of Gaming Line

Gaming tips from the Master!

2016-12-12 | Onboard | No comments

Just over four weeks ago, we launched Gaming Line. Since then, the global highscore list has been dominated by two Swedes that call themselves Wille and Stina<3Mattias. In the gaming world, it is a known fact that this small country on the outskirts of Europe is proficient in both game development and e-sports, so it’s…

Santa Line Advent Calendar

Win trips or popular classics and news from our shops in our advent calendar

2016-11-22 | Onboard | No comments

This years’ advent calendar is a bit different. It’s actually a game. Or, to be more precise, a daily challenge in our brand new app ‘Gaming Line’. You can win fantastic prizes from our onboard shop as well as travel vouchers including a grand final prize on Christmas Eve. ...

Captain Kenneth

A real sea captain who is crazy about Christmas

2016-11-16 | Onboard | No comments

It was when we were taking photographs for our loyalty program ‘Extra’ that we discovered Captain Kenneth. He is not only a real sea captain, but now he is a model and a movie star too! In everyday life, when he is not working for us in the marketing department, he ...

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