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Family at the beach in Scandinavia

Top 5 travel trends from this summer

2018-09-24 | Onboard | No comments

Scandinavia was a clear favourite for our passengers this summer – many of those travelling with us indicated they were taking their “main holiday” in one of the Northern nations. Other travel trends we observed included the rise of self-catered accommodations off the beaten track, the use of mobile phones as on-the-spot ...

Travel Trends 2018

5 travel trends for 2018 we see in our crystal ball

2018-01-26 | Onboard | No comments

Winter is the new summer! Also, we want to travel slow, short distances and off the beaten track. Forget Paris and New York – we want to explore the smaller cities where no tourists go, in search of those genuine, down-to-earth experiences. Here are the top 5 travel trends we see for 2018...

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