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5 truths about the importance of women in the shipping industry

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International Women’s day has been celebrated for over a century, and yet the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report shows that the gender gap is widening and that gender parity is over 200 years away. That’s why this year’s theme is #PressforProgress. Why is this important? Because gender parity strongly influences ...

Sailing against the current in a time of crisis

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In 1973, the world economy flourishes and the spirit of time is optimistic. The free spirit and happy 1970’s reaches an early peak. Few people can imagine that several years of crisis management are lurking around the corner. The economy is in recession, unemployment is increasing and the politics no longe...

Fish dish & lobster photo, Madeleine Landley,

Scandinavia´s Michelin-starred restaurants are just a ferry trip away!

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сервис подбора микрозайм на карту Not so long ago, no one would have put Scandinavian and culinary in the same sentence. In Sweden in the 70s, people had to go to the pharmacy to buy garlic and herbs. Clearly a lot has changed, as the region is a now a rising star on ...

The winter park in Östersund

10 travel ideas to spark your winter wanderlust

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Everyone loves a good Christmas market abroad, but what about the months from January through March? Travelling in these winter months can actually be inspirational in the extreme — the perfect re-boot. And there are so many great winter activities, events and places to visit on Stena Line’s destinations here in northern ...

Employee portrait Henryk Kaluzny

“CARE is the foundation in all our customer relations”

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Meet Henryk Kaluzny, our Freight Commercial Manager for the Baltic Sea South. His passion is sales and his job is to connect Europe, meaning making it as smooth and effective as possible for our customers to transport their goods. What started as a lost cause has become a success during his 15 years at S...

The year 1962

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In response to your interest in our history we provide the second insert by the authors of the book ”Stena Line – The History of a shipping company”, Anders Bergenek and Rickard Sahlsten. It was the year 1962. Cuba was in crisis, Sweden had won the Ice hockey World Championships and the embryo of today’s…

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