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An environmentally-conscious and passionate naval architect

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It all began with a graduate project on future fuels. Lillie then progressed from the role of naval architect at Stena Teknik to working with sustainability at Stena AB. Her comprehensive technical background and interest in shipping made her the perfect candidate to answer questions in our series “How Does It Work?”. Here, Lillie tells us what it’s like to be a naval architect and take part in the “How Does It Work?” movies.

“My name is Lillie Wittrup and I work with sustainability at Stena AB. My professional foundation is as a naval architect and I previously worked at Stena Teknik. At KTH, I did a master thesis on future fuels and started at Stena Teknik just so I could work on alternative fuel projects. I have also participated in several other types of projects, including renovation projects and new construction projects in both Singapore and China.

“The best thing about my job is playing a role in bringing Stena into the future. Shipping is fantastic and I have always been interested in technology and environment, so for me it’s really exciting to work with the development of Stena’s sustainability practices and technologies. Since I come from Stena Teknik, I feel confident in working with technical issues, but have a lot to learn in other areas such as social sustainability, which is also important.

“I think it’s important to be part of ‘How Does It Work?’ movies, inspiring children and young people. I hope the films will help increase interest in shipping and shipbuilding in an entertaining and playful way.

“In everyday life, when we’re not filming, I think it’s satisfying to see how the business is constantly evolving with new technology. It’s fun to be part of that process.

“When Stena Germanica became the world’s first methanol-powered passenger ferry, I felt very proud to be working at Stena. It’s great to be part of a company that dares to stand out and be first and work for the values one believes in. Our work with methanol has attracted attention from all over the world. When I’m out and meet colleagues in the industry, there are always many who want to talk about this.

“There are exciting things happening all the time, but at the moment, I would like to highlight the important work of rolling out sustainability processes across all companies. Most people in Gothenburg, when they think about Stena Line, don’t know about the wide range of things we are working on. So that can be a really good topic of conversation.”

We thank Lillie for her wonderful answers and hope you will like “How Does It Work?” as much as we do. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the movie or put questions directly to Lillie here on the blog. Want to experience how things really work at sea, book your next trip here! We hope to see you on board soon. 🙂 / Ylva.