Ylvi celebrating her birthday on board

Birthplace: Ferry boat FS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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One year ago today, the family Mittelstedt was returning to Germany from their summer holiday in Sweden with our ferry FS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. During the crossing, little Ylvi decided she no longer wanted wait in her mother’s womb and instead join the rest of the family, most probably eager to see the ferry. 🙂 So on August 25, 2016, little Ylvi was born at sea. Today she visited “her” ship to celebrate her 1st birthday.

Do you remember the baby, Ylvi, who was born onboard FS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern one year ago? This is what her father wrote to us last year:
“During our way back from holidays our daughter Ylvi was born on the ferry Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on 21st of August 2016.
There were a lot of people helping us at this unplanned situation. So everything went fine and now – Berlin stated last week – her place of birth officially is “MS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Ostsee” plus coordinates. I want to thank your company for having such a helpful crew and even (because we had some administrative effort afterwards for the documents from Berlin) Mr. Göpel from the port management at Rostock. All the people (in the photo Mr. Markus Wiesener 2nd Mate, who helped at the birth.) were so kind, no hesitation, doing the best they could

Next Year Ylvi will be on the ferry again, because we always take this ferry to Sweden for holidays. So please tell the management of stenaline that they can be proud having these people working for them.
Best regards,
Michael Mittelstaedt”
Ylvi born on board our ferry


Now, little Ylvi and her family visited the ship again to celebrate Ylvi’s 1st birthday. In the cabin, the staff provided sparkling wine for the parents and handed over some Stena gifts to the children.

The family got the possibility to have a look at the exact place of birth on the sea maps exclusively on the bridge.
In the birth certificate, YIvi has entered the rare birthplace “Ferry boat Mecklenburg Vorpommern” with lengths and latitude of the Rostock turning plate.
Despite the late hours, Ylvi watched everything with big eyes and enjoyed the attention. As she was taking the captain’s seat, it looked like she is on the best way to a career at sea.

Ylvi on the bridge with dad and siblings

In the morning before arrival in Rostock port, Ylvi got congratulations of the entire crew and the passengers at the passage of the birthplace.
We’re looking forward to see Ylvi and her family again next year! /Christoph Gulitz, Capt. FS Mecklenurg-Vorpommern

We’re so happy that Ylvi and her family chose to celebrate her first bithday with us. And doesn’t she have the prettiest name? 😉 /Ylva.