Here’s how you secure the weather on your trip

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Digital development in several areas is an important part of Stena Line’s strategy for the future. Among other things, we have personalised communication, the digital booking and actual experience onboard. A current example is when we launched Gaming Line onboard our ferries at Christmas. Now we are launching the next step to enhance the experience onboard – pre-booked weather for your journey.

“Weather guarantees are becoming increasingly important to our customers and with the help of modern VR technology; we can now offer a real guarantee. We have initially developed three different weather packages, and soon there will be more”, says Stena Line’s own weather expert Gail Weathers.

We have put together three different weather packages that you can book as an option when booking online:

– Summer and sun
– Waves and salt spray
– Windy weather

Summer and sun all year round
Here comes relaxing on any beach from one of our wonderful destinations. The package includes the rental of beach chair and towel in our light therapy that has UV lamps, audio loop with the lapping waves and the cries of seabirds, heated sand, or VR glasses. NOTE! Bring sunscreen.

Waves and salt spray – our marine rollercoaster
For those of you who want to be more active, we offer a marine inspired rollercoaster package that can be selected in strengths of gale, storm and hurricane. The package includes the hire of the chair in our 5D cinema that simulates the movements in the film, gusts of wind, salt spray, and the sound of waves and wind, and VR goggles. We guarantee it will tickle in the tummy. NOTE! Bring change of clothes.

Make sure to try our marine rollercoaster!

Windy weather – our wind tunnel takes you to new heights
Also this is a package for those who want an active experience. Here you become weightless in our wind tunnel and hover over any destination. Again you can select from the different strengths gale, storm and hurricane. The package includes rental of safety equipment and VR glasses. We have chosen to focus on recognised technology from Germany, tested in several countries. The focus was to find a system that is quiet and does not disturb other passengers and the Arch of energy saving, which is in line with our sustainability efforts.

Interested to try out our wind tunnel?

The packages have a unit price of 199 SEK and includes VR kit with goggles, a free drink at the bar adapted to the weather chosen and technical support. For a change of weather during the trip will be a charge of 29 SEK. The same applies to the additional price for the Comfort package with extra strong effects.

Which weather package is your favourite? /ylva.