Paula checking in the guests

The dynamo behind the Check-In desk

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срочно взять займ безработным на карту
The daily spice of the unexpected is one of the many reasons that Paula loves her role as Team Leader at the Stena Line Check-In in Gothenburg. If you travel as a foot passenger to Denmark with us, you will most certainly meet her. Here’s her story.

Paula grew up in the shipping port of Gothenburg, a town famous for its shipyards and jolly dockworker’s dialect. She enjoys working in an industry that has played such an important part in her city’s history.

Some people love predictable routines — but not Paula. Not knowing what’s going to happen when she gets to work each day is something that she appreciates. More often than not it’s the weather and other unforeseen events that can change conditions. Then she can draw on her talent for improvisation.

Her job can get quite intensive during certain times of day. The phone rings, intercom calls come in, a lot of guests arrive at the same time and maybe a colleague needs help with something. It might sound stressful, but for Paula it’s a delight. She says it’s wonderful to have so much going on around her.

Another crucial aspect of why this role is her perfect match is Paula’s service-minded personality.
“What motivates me to get to work is the positive response from our guests. It’s a great reward when you feel that you’ve made a difference,” Paula tells us.


We thank Paula for sharing her story with us. Would you like to join our team and work at Stena Line as well? Here you can find all the available positions. We hope to see you on board soon – as a colleague or our guest. 🙂 /Ylva.