Cruise host Sigurd

The inquisitive sailor Sigurd

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In addition to inspiring readers with accounts of exciting travel destinations, we also like to provide glimpses into our daily life here at Stena Line. In this piece, we interview one of our treasured team members, Sigurd, who works as a cruise host on board Stena Danica. In addition to his work on board, he also stars in the Stena Line series “How Does It Work?”. Below he tells us about his life at sea and his role as our very own movie star.

“Sigurd Wodlén Ödman is my name. I’m happily married to my wife; we have two children and live in Gothenburg. I was raised in Luxembourg, born in Austria, attended school in Germany and began working as an actor in Dublin, Ireland. I worked with writing and entertainment until 2011 when I applied to be a cruise host for Stena Danica.

“The best thing about my job is that it’s so incredibly varied, no two days are alike. As a host, you have to be flexible, and I get the opportunity to be very creative.

“The best thing about the ‘How Does It Work?’ movies was they gave me the opportunity to contribute to a creative and fun project. I like to watch ‘How Does It Work?’ movies myself, which provide facts in a humorous way.

“I’m incredibly proud of Stena Danica’s Facebook page, which I’ve been transforming into the popular page it is today. The children’s entertainment, which centres around the Pirate concept, is also something I’m very proud of. And I’m really pleased with the movie “Like us”. (P.S. You can watch the movie at the end of this interview!)

“The sea is a wonderful workplace. It’s best when Danica is full of guests and we see that they are satisfied with the experience onboard. And happy guests we have a lot of, but one who really stands out is Solveig who celebrated her 85th birthday onboard with the family. She loves Stena Line and even celebrated her 80th birthday onboard five years ago.”

We thank Sigurd for his wonderful answers and hope you will like “How Does It Work?” movies as much as we do. If so, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the movies or put questions directly to Sigurd! Want to experience how things really work at see? Book your next trip here! We hope to see you on board soon. 🙂 / Ylva.