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The job is a little bit like a chess game

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Ron Gerlach has worked on several positions in the Stena Group and has been based in Glasgow and South Korea. Since 2015 he works as Trade Director for Stena Lines business in Germany. It is a job which in many means can is similar to the role of a chess player.

Who is Ron Gerlach?

Name: Ron Gerlach
Education: Naval Architect
Works as: Trade Director Germany
Employed at Stena Line since: 2015
Ron has always thought that there is something special about ferries and how they connect countries and people every day.
“Shipping is also part of a huge freight business which includes safety, punctuality and passengers who live, eat and enjoy themselves onboard. The industry covers so many different components.”

Ron Gerlach

Ron has worked in Stena since 2003. He started within technical matters where he was based in Glasgow and South Korea among others. After that he shifted focus to ship management and today he works with commercial matters primarly in the role as Trade Director for Stena Lines business in Germany.
“It means I’m Stena Line’s local representative in a commercial context. I am responsible for the big picture, that is, everything from cost and revenue streams to sustainability in ports, as well as representing Stena Line’s interests towards politics, local governments and communities. Over the past few years the job profile has changed and been adapted towards what it has become today, with full commercial responsibiltiy for the regional business. The job is a bit like a chess game – to anticipate the competitors’ next move, and dare to change to stay one step ahead. It requires strategic problem solving, but also entrepreneurial thinking and diplomacy. So far it has been great fun – but also challenging and demanding – to help shape our way of working and steer the company in the right direction in a fast-moving industry.”

The Stena spirit

The company culture of the Stena Group stands for professionalism, care and engagement. Something that Ron completely agrees with.
“As Stena Line is a privately owned company with a long term perspective, all employees can contribute with their own ideas and take responsibility for them. The personal leadership imprints the business and the employees are highly valued. We have a leading position in the industry and we are in the middle of an exciting change program, which provides great opportunities for those who want to work and pursue a career in Stena Line, or across the Stena Group,” he says.

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