Martin made 100 trips in a row with Stena Saga

The man who took 100 ferry trips… in a row!

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Imagine spending a quarter of a year on a ferry. We love our ferries and spending time on board, but 100 trips in a row is impressive even to us! Martin, a Dane, recently set this record and it might even become a Guinness World record. His best tips for other guests travelling with his favourite ferry, Stena Saga? Bring good dancing shoes! Read more about his epic journey on Stena Saga below. <3

It all started as a joke, when he set out to beat his previous 11-day record. Now, Martin of Denmark has been on board the Stena Saga for 100 days, travelling the Oslo – Frederikshavn route, in a quest to set a Guinness World record. Throughout these 100 days he has become a well-known character on the ferry, familiar to both staff and passengers.

“We have several really loyal passengers who travel with us over a hundred times a year. But nobody has travelled a hundred times in a row. It is definitely a record”, says Ole Herman Kjernsby, Travel Commercial Manager within Region Norway.

Martin has enjoyed his time on board.
“There is always something fun going on on board. The Oktoberfest cruise was a really wonderful trip. And of course being on the sun deck when the weather is nice is one of the best things you can do”, he says.

We asked what he missed the least from life on dry land.
“Cooking for myself”, was his answer. When it comes to eating on board, Martin says it’s not easy to say what he likes best, as there’s so much to choose from. But basically, it depends on the company. For example, if it’s together with a group of people, it’s more about the atmosphere and then he prefers the restaurant Steakhouse. He also pointed out he’s created his own ice cream in the Taste restaurant.

Maybe you will hear a song about Martin and his 100 day long journey. He actually asked the bands playing on board to write a song about it.

Whether you go for 100 days or just take a single cruise, a trip aboard the Stena Saga will leave a lasting impression. Sailing from the gorgeous Olso fjord to Denmark’s beautiful northern tip… it’s certainly something you could get used to! /ylva.

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