Gaming Line

We’re launching Gaming Line today, our new mobile game!

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We already know that traveling with us is a fantastic experience, however we understand that sometimes, it gets a little tedious waiting to board our vessels.  So, we got to thinking, what can we do to make your time with us more fun?  Most of you, our dear guests, have access to a smartphone or a tablet, so we had a great idea. What better than a fun mobile game?  Well, guess what, we did it, we’ve created Gaming Line.  We hope you’ll agree, it’s a great idea and we want you guys to help us test the game!

Join us and test Gaming Line

Today is the first release of our new game, Gaming Line.  It consists of a number of classic and challenging mini-games. The best way to find out more is to simply download the app and test it.  Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Stena Line or Gaming Line. Once you’ve downloaded and played the game, just leave a comment with your feedback or email us directly at Thanks in advance!

The minigames in Gaming Line

Win coins playing the game and spend them in our onboard shop

In the second release, on 25th November, 4 new mini-games will be available, two of which can only be played onboard. In the updated game, you’ll be able to compete against friends, family and even total strangers in local competitions while onboard and in the terminals.  There’ll be a new winner in our prize draw every two hours. The winner will receive extra game coins, which can be used to purchase products via the game shop in our onboard travel shop.

Play in this year’s Advent Calendar

December 1st marks the start of our annual tradition, the Advent Calendar! Well, you know we’re big on tradition, there’s nothing new about that but this year, our Advent Calendar is a little less traditional.  Let’s see how you can participate … The Advent Calendar is actually a daily challenge in Gaming Line instead of the traditional window opening affair.  We have 12 trips, and 12 gifts from the shop onboard up for grabs!

Do you want to receive a reminder e-mail when the Advent calendar begins? If so, register by sending an e-mail to

We really hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as we’ve enjoyed getting it ready for you this Christmas. /Ylva.