How does a propeller work?

What’s the difference between a propeller & an aircraft wing?

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Less than you might think, actually. The propeller, of course, is what moves a ship forward and backward (or “astern”) in the water. And it builds on the same principle as a wing on an aircraft.

Aircraft wings are curved in order to create a difference in air speed along the upper and lower sides of the wing. This results in a lift force that allows the plane to fly.

The same principles apply in water, and propeller blades are shaped just like aircraft wings. You can see how it works in the film:

In other words:

A propeller consists of several wing-shaped blades mounted together on a shaft.

Because the shaft is turned horizontally, the lift force of the aircraft wing becomes a forward force that pushes the ship in the water.

In the same way, by reversing the motion of the shaft, the propeller creates a backward force, pulling the ship backwards.

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