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The year 1965

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This is a really eventful year in the company’s history. It begins however with the decision to liquidate one of the passenger vessel routes from Gothenburg. The traffic between Gothenburg and Sandefjord had in 1964 been exciting news for Gothenburg as well as for Norwegian travellers. The politicians, however, did not look kindly upon “the…

The German WAPPEN

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Vessel specifications Delivered the 24th of May 1962 from Blohm&Voss, Hamburg, Germany. Length: 104,02 m Width:  15,12 m Gross Tonnage: 3819 Passengers: 1700 Cabins: 21 Lorries: – Cars: – History We’d like to present the German vessel WAPPEN in connexion to the year 1965, even though Stena bought her in Kiel as early as 1964 via…

The year 1964

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It is often said that the relative stability of the 1950s ended in 1964. England replaced the United States as a cultural role model for the rest of Europe. Behind the change was the breakthrough of the British pop culture with The Beatles as their main representatives. At the same time, the United States escalated…

The Pioneer SKAGEN I

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Let us introduce you to  our second ferry, Skagen I. It’s time for another historical post with shipping facts and background history. Happy reading! Shipping Facts Delivered April 1, 1914 from Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen Rebuilt and extended in 1936 at Finnboda tier in Stockholm. The details below are after the extension: Length: 71.1m Breadth:…

The year 1963

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Most anyone who lived in 1963 will remember that year. It starts out with a bitterly cold winter when the seas around Sweden are covered with ice and the shipping industry is faced with serious problems. Later in the year it is uncovered that the colonel pilot Stig Wennerström has been spying on Sweden on…

Östersöen – Our first ferry

Onboard | 13 Comments

As part of our series on our history we include an insert about our first ferry, ÖSTERSÖEN. Happy reading! Ship facts Delivered May 1954 from Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen (nb 727) The hull was built at AS Svendborg Vaerft, Svendborg (nb 67) Extended 1960 at Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen (see details below) Length:…

The year 1962

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In response to your interest in our history we provide the second insert by the authors of the book ”Stena Line – The History of a shipping company”, Anders Bergenek and Rickard Sahlsten. It was the year 1962. Cuba was in crisis, Sweden had won the Ice hockey World Championships and the embryo of today’s…

Stena Line in our hearts

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We have noticed that you have an interest in our ferries and our history. Therefore, we have invited the authors of the book “Stena Line – The story of a ferry operator”, written by Anders Bergenek and Rickard Sahlsten on this blog. This post offers background information to our history and it is the first…

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