Employee portrait Henryk Kaluzny

“CARE is the foundation in all our customer relations”

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Meet Henryk Kaluzny, our Freight Commercial Manager for the Baltic Sea South. His passion is sales and his job is to connect Europe, meaning making it as smooth and effective as possible for our customers to transport their goods. What started as a lost cause has become a success during his 15 years at Stena Line Poland. Read his story below.

In short

Name: Henryk Kaluzny
Education: Master’s degree Transport & Logistic – Poznan University of Economics
Works as: Freight Commercial Manager Baltic Sea South
With Stena Line since: 2001

With a passion for sales

Sales have always been my passion. As Freight Commercial Manager for the Baltic South region, my job is to connect Europe, meaning making it as smooth and effective as possible for our customers to transport their goods, sometimes as far as 1 500 kilometres. When I started here 15 years ago, one colleague told me that there wasn’t job enough for one more sales person in Poland, but today, the demand for our service is very large. Nowadays, Polish companies not only transport to and from their own country, they are everywhere in Europe.

My job gives me the possibility to meet with these customers, exchange experiences with colleagues from other departments and learn from them all, every day. Being a leader, I also get the opportunity to be in the middle of very exciting projects and participate in the decision making process in this very dynamic and developing region. It is also about influencing and taking care of others, helping them to develop their talents in order to reach the company goals.

A unique company culture

I think Stena Line has a unique culture, and the best part is all amazing and dedicated colleagues. “CARE” is the foundation for all our customer relations. I take care of the customers making sure they get the best service possible through good cooperation.

At the same time I care for the company money by making sure that every contract leads to optimal and long-term profitability.

If you are an open-minded, fast learning person who likes to work in a fast moving organization and regards customer care as a passion rather than a slogan, well, then you will find Stena Line the perfect place to work in.


We want to thank Henryk for his inspiring words. Want to join our team? Find available positions here! /Ylva.