William the master of Gaming Line

Gaming tips from the Master!

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Just over four weeks ago, we launched Gaming Line. Since then, the global highscore list has been dominated by two Swedes that call themselves Wille and Stina<3Mattias. In the gaming world, it is a known fact that this small country on the outskirts of Europe is proficient in both game development and e-sports, so it’s no surprise that Swedes are on top of our highscore list. We contacted Wille, or William which is his real name, to find out what he loved most about the game and also if he has any tips he would like to share.

William, you were number one on the global highscore list for the first three weeks in Santa Line’s Gaming Line app. Do you have any secret tips you would like to share with your fellow Gaming Line players?
– Everything depends on getting the perfect game round. You have to figure out which games you are best at and then hope that these games appear in your next round. I was extremely lucky and my four favourite games came up in my round so I smashed it. Persistence is key. It’s all about doing it, doing it and doing it again, being lucky and work on your dexterity. I, myself, use both hands and, more specifically, my thumbs because they have the best face.

What do you do when you’re not playing Gaming Line?
– I work with marketing. Gaming Line has become a major pastime, but that’s what happens when you find games that are fun.

What is it that you love about Gaming Line?
– The retro feel to it. I have grown up with the game. This particular type of game, I sat and played when I was 8-10 years. It’s fun to get back to basics. It’s easy and yet entertaining.

So what are you waiting for? Download Gaming Line now and try knock William off the highscore list. Plus, you can also win fantastic prizes in our Christmas calendar or trading things in our game shop with game coins. /Ylva.