“It feels good to be part of the sustainability efforts”

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Birger Kristensson works as Second Engineer onboard the methanol powered Stena Germanica. He likes the work schedule, giving interested guests the big tour in the engine room and the innovative mindset at Stena Line.

Name: Birger Kristensson
Education: Marine engineer
Age: 34
Career: Had summer job on Stena Carisma during his studies to become a marine engineer. Started at Stena Line in 2005 as a summer worker on Stena Carisma, before serving onboard Stena Freighter and Stena Primorsk. Based on Stena Germanica since 2010.

Birger Kristensson has worked on Stena Germanica since 2010. He works two weeks on, three weeks off. This suits him, despite having three young children at home.

“It’s hard for my fiancée when I’m away, but when I’m at home, she thinks it’s much better than me having a regular job. And I agree.”

Environmental care is a key part of machinery, whether it’s recycling plastic drums or overall operation.

“For us working in the engine room thinking about the environment is natural. I see it as a win-win solution, both for the environment and for the company. The vessel I work on is the world’s first ship powered by methanol. A big investment in sustainable solutions like this is the future for shipping, if you ask me. It feels good to be part of that.”

Work can be lonely sometimes, especially when working at night, but Birger likes it.

“During the days the control room is crowded with people where I spend a lot of time. Sometimes passengers come knocking on the door as well. It can be people that are curious about how our machines work or people considering working for us that want to know what it is like. I give them the Small or Big Tour of the engine room, depending on how interested they are. It is fun to show people what we do and how we work.”

So what would Birger say to a person considering joining us at Stena Line?

“If you get the chance to work for Stena Line I think you should take it! It is a safe and stable employer with a lot of potential for development. And it is a company that not only uses vessels, but also develops and builds them in an innovative way, with the courage to invest in new technology.“


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  • Mariana Berar Sörensen says:

    Jag jobbar inom sjukvård sedan många år tillbaka men varje år har jag sökt jobb hos er på stena line utan resultat. Min största önskan är att jobba på en båt! Hur kommer jag i kontakt med nån rekryterings ansvarig?

    • Md. Anwar shahadat says:

      Good day, i am Md. Anwar shahadat, i am marine officer, rank 3rd officer. I would like to work with Stena Tanker vessel. But here i am not finding any link or email to apply or send my CV to the Stena crewing dept. I am highly interested to join in Stena Tankers. Please give me advise .

      Thanks and regards

      Md. Anwar shahadat
      3rd officer.

    • Hej Mariana! Kul att du vill jobba hos oss. Ledsen att det inte gått hittills.
      Här hittar du information om att jobba hos och lediga jobb.
      Hoppas att det kan vara till någon hjälp. Lycka till! /ylva.

  • Per Bengtsson says:

    Mitt namn är Per Bengtsson,
    har hört att ni ska etablerar er i Halmstad med två linjer.?
    Jag har varit motorman i sjöförsvaret på HMS Carlskrona.
    Undrar hur jag ska gå väga med arbetsförfrågan, om det är
    bemanningsföretag eller till er?
    Mvh. Per