It’s not just a fancy nose job: we’re saving the planet!

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You’ve probably seen a bulb-like shape protruding from the bow of a ship. Our ferries all have one. But what is it and what’s it doing there?

Well, the bulb is a clever invention that helps to decrease a ships resistance as it travels through the water. The result: more speed, less fuel consumption – and therefore lower costs and less impact on the environment.

It’s all about countering the resistance of waves, as you can see in this film:

There you have it. The bulb creates its own set of waves, which largely cancel out the waves generated by the bow that every ship has to struggle with.

So, the next time you see a bulb at the bow of a ship, you know it’s there to assure a smoother ride, while helping to save money – and the planet.

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  • Victor says:

    I am just thinkng- in order to create the wave you need to put some energy. The ship produces the waves anyway, even without the bulb. So do I gues right that the position and the shape are the key factors to achieve the better fuel efficiency?

    • Hi again Victor,
      Here’s the answer i got from the Tecnical Division:
      Yes, right position and shape of bulbous bow are key factors. A correct design of the bulbous bow eliminates the bow wave completely, hence consumption goes down.
      Best regards, /ylva.

    • Hi Victor! Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply, Sounds like you have a very good point. I’ve asked Lillie, our naval architect and ship expert to get back to you with a more scientific answer. Best regards, /ylva.