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Family at the beach in Scandinavia

Top 5 travel trends from this summer

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Scandinavia was a clear favourite for our passengers this summer – many of those travelling with us indicated they were taking their “main holiday” in one of the Northern nations. Other travel trends we observed included the rise of self-catered accommodations off the beaten track, the use of mobile phones as on-the-spot ...

How to strrrrretch a ship

Onboard | 2 Comments During Stena Line’s history, we’ve extended several ferries to increase their capacity. The last time we did it was in 2007 when Britannica and Hollandica, on the Hoek van Holland – Harwich route, were extended by an astonishing 50 metres. (When we cut them in half.) We then renamed them Germanica and Scandinavica and…

How does a propeller work?

What’s the difference between a propeller & an aircraft wing?

Onboard | No comments Less than you might think, actually. The propeller, of course, is what moves a ship forward and backward (or “astern”) in the water. And it builds on the same principle as a wing on an aircraft. Aircraft wings are curved in order to create a difference i...

Stena Atlantica 1972 outside Kiel

An Olympic giant on the Kiel route

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It was an unexpected purchase that turned out to be a very good deal. Stena Atlantica  was only ours for a year but she served well on the Gothenburg-Kiel route during the Olympic games in Munich. Below, our history experts Rickard and Anders tell her story. Ship Facts Delivered in June 1972 from Titovo Brodogradiliste…

5 truths about the importance of women in the shipping industry

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International Women’s day has been celebrated for over a century, and yet the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report shows that the gender gap is widening and that gender parity is over 200 years away. That’s why this year’s theme is #PressforProgress. Why is this important? Because gender parity strongly influences ...

Sailing against the current in a time of crisis

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In 1973, the world economy flourishes and the spirit of time is optimistic. The free spirit and happy 1970’s reaches an early peak. Few people can imagine that several years of crisis management are lurking around the corner. The economy is in recession, unemployment is increasing and the politics no longe...

Fish dish & lobster photo, Madeleine Landley,

Scandinavia´s Michelin-starred restaurants are just a ferry trip away!

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сервис подбора микрозайм на карту Not so long ago, no one would have put Scandinavian and culinary in the same sentence. In Sweden in the 70s, people had to go to the pharmacy to buy garlic and herbs. Clearly a lot has changed, as the region is a now a rising star on ...

Paula checking in the guests

The dynamo behind the Check-In desk

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срочно взять займ безработным на карту The daily spice of the unexpected is one of the many reasons that Paula loves her role as Team Leader at the Stena Line Check-In in Gothenburg. If you travel as a foot passenger to Denmark with us, you will most certainly meet her. Here’s her story. Paula grew up…

The winter park in Östersund

10 travel ideas to spark your winter wanderlust

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Everyone loves a good Christmas market abroad, but what about the months from January through March? Travelling in these winter months can actually be inspirational in the extreme — the perfect re-boot. And there are so many great winter activities, events and places to visit on Stena Line’s destinations here in northern ...

How does it work - Free surfaces

Don’t let liquids rock the boat!

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срочный займ онлайн на карту Consider a large ship loaded with a liquid  – oil, for example (as is often the case). In a single large tank, the liquid tends to move around a great deal as the ship encounters waves. This is because the liquid has a lot of free surfa...

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