A true sea dog

The last trip for a true sea dog!

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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. And what could be better than to treat a friend to a cruise? That’s what Beate did for her old friend Besska. And Besska turned out to be a true sea dog. Read Beate’s story below. 

Taking a 16-year-old dog onboard a ship? She could barely see anymore and her legs no longer worked very well. But Besska still had enough energy so we decided to take her along with us on the ferry to Gothenburg, a route we really love travelling ourselves.

On 5 October 2016, the Stena Germanica left Kiel harbour exactly on time – with us four onboard: Besska (16), her daughter Buttons (9) and two women in their 40s with good sea legs.

Everything was new because we’d never travelled in the dog cabin before and we were really concerned as to whether the old lady would go along with it or not. But while the younger dog eyed the ship and cabin anxiously, Besska acted as though it had always been her home. She settled in the comfortable space under the table after a rest, then had a quick meal and slept until departure.

There was the swell to contend with, and she had to do her business on the dog deck with all the noise of the waves and a stiff breeze.

But we were astounded at just how enthusiastic our sea dog Besska was, running around, her nose to the wind, jumping over puddles on deck, her old ears flapping, sticking her head through the life ring, checking to see what the sea was all about. Our herding dog gave it all her seal of approval.

It was pure zest for life, and for us, it was an incredibly touching gift that we were able to give Besska and ourselves, such a wonderful trip on the Stena Germanica to Sweden.

Just three months later, Besska took her final journey.


Thanks Stena, Beate W.

And we want to say thank you to Beata for sharing her Stena Story with us.
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