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Happy children onboard

Our 5 step guide to happy children

2017-06-16 | Onboard | No comments

In a worldwide survey, over 5000 parents were asked what they really wanted for their children. Some answered a healthy life, others answered a comfortable life but most parents surveyed, 64%, answered that they wanted their children to be happy in life. On Saturday June 17th, we launch our new kids’ concept – Happy at…

Alan Junger together with Sten A. Olsson

Alan Junger, the first captain on Stena Germanica

2017-05-01 | Onboard | No comments

Last week we celebrated 50 years on our route between Gothenburg and Kiel. To help us celebrate we invited Captain Alan Junger along. He was the first to steer Stena Germanica towards Kiel. Yesterday Captain Alan Junger boarded “his” ferry again and travelled to Kiel along with our CEO Niclas Mårtensson, some dignitaries from...

Stena Germanica under the rainbow by Behling 20110606

Happy 50th birthday Gothenburg-Kiel!

2017-04-26 | Onboard | No comments

The route Gothenburg -Kiel has significant importance to Stena Lines history and celebrates 50 years this year. Since 1967 the route has been of great important for both tourism to and from Sweden and for the many companies who have transported their goods on the vessels between Sweden and Germany. In Gothenburg...

Here’s how you secure the weather on your trip

2017-04-01 | Onboard | No comments

Digital development in several areas is an important part of Stena Line’s strategy for the future. Among other things, we have personalised communication, the digital booking and actual experience onboard. A current example is when we launched Gaming Line onboard our ferries at Christmas. Now we are launching the next step to enhan...

Two fishermen rescued by the Stena Saga crew

2017-03-29 | Onboard | No comments

Here at Stena Line it’s always safety first and we are constantly focusing on keeping our organisation on its toes through clear processes, modern technique and regular safety drills. This helped the Stena Saga crew to quickly act and rescue two fishermen whose boat sank in the early morning hours this Wednesda...

Between the years of 1970-1971

2017-03-10 | Onboard | No comments

In the years 1964-1969, through a grand development program, Stena evolves from being a passenger shipping company focused on shopping trips, into Sweden’s leading ferry operator. In 1970, they employ four ships on three different lines. Operations are carried out with Sweden’s two largest cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg, as bases. In the years 1970-71, the…

10 trends from the ferry business, about the ferry business

2017-02-21 | Freight | 2 Comments

Did you know that 80% of the global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value are carried by sea and handled by ports worldwide*. With that in mind, it is not difficult to understand why shipping logistics is an important focus area for us at Stena Line....

How do ships float? How does it work?

What really floats your boat?

2017-02-14 | Onboard | No comments

Introducing “How Does it Work?” with Sigurd and Lillie. Ever wondered why some things float and others don’t? Sigurd, cruise host on the Stena Danica and co-host of our new bi-weekly video series “How Does it Work?” has been wondering too. And so did a Greek mathematician called Archimedes who was born almost 3000 years…

A floating hospital!

2017-02-13 | Mercy Ships Sustainability | No comments

Since their start back in 1978, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries where they have provided free, world-class health care services to more than 2.5 million patients with the help of an average of more than 1,000 volunteers from up to 40 nations every year. We have decided to enter into a…

Travel Trends 2017 - We let our interests decide

How will we travel 2017 – trends and predictions

2017-02-07 | Onboard | No comments

Our choice of destination shows who we are, especially as we are eager to share our travel experiences on social media and we want to stand out and be different, both when it comes to what we see and what we do. Online and individual bookings as well as apps already ...

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