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Sailing against the current in a time of crisis

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In 1973, the world economy flourishes and the spirit of time is optimistic. The free spirit and happy 1970’s reaches an early peak. Few people can imagine that several years of crisis management are lurking around the corner. The economy is in recession, unemployment is increasing and the politics no longe...


From the Ship of Hope to Galapagos Legend

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She started her career in the 60s as a passenger ship in the North Sea, chartered to us at Skagenlinjen and then converted to a hospital ship — a predecessor of our partner, Mercy Ships — treating civilian patients during the Vietnam War. It was there she came to be called ...

STENA GOTHICA leaving Gothenburg 20180107. by Rickard Sahlsten

Stena Gothica – A Stena Line veteran

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During the winter months, several of our ships enter the dry dock for their annual inspection and refurbishing. One of these is Stena Danica. While she’s being pampered at the shipyard, Stena Gothica, along with Stena Jutlandica and M/V Gute, are keeping up her route, Frederikshavn-Gothenburg. Who is this trusty ole dame? Ou...

New Stena Line Terminal in Gothenburg May 1972

From cheeky challenger to established shipping company

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1972 is the eventful year that Stena goes from being an upstart challenger to one of Gothenburg’s established shipping companies. The new, elegant terminal building on the southern shores of the river Göta marks the start of a new era in Gothenburg. Long before, the traditional harbor business left the southern r...

STENA OLYMPICA At delivery in 1972

A Yugoslavian-built ferry with an Olympic aura and Scandinavian design

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Stena Olympica was built in Yugoslavia and delivered in the same year as the summer Olympics in Munich in 1972. The interior design was clearly influenced by the decade she was delivered in, as well as by her Scandinavian heritage. Read about her 40 year long history below. Ship Facts Delivered ...

Alan Junger together with Sten A. Olsson

Alan Junger, the first captain on Stena Germanica

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Last week we celebrated 50 years on our route between Gothenburg and Kiel. To help us celebrate we invited Captain Alan Junger along. He was the first to steer Stena Germanica towards Kiel. Yesterday Captain Alan Junger boarded “his” ferry again and travelled to Kiel along with our CEO Niclas Mårtensson, some dignitaries from...

Between the years of 1970-1971

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In the years 1964-1969, through a grand development program, Stena evolves from being a passenger shipping company focused on shopping trips, into Sweden’s leading ferry operator. In 1970, they employ four ships on three different lines. Operations are carried out with Sweden’s two largest cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg, as bases. In the years 1970-71, the…

Dan Sten Olsson på Valö

An incredible Olsson turns 70!

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It all started at the kitchen table when Dan Sten Olsson was only 15 years old, the journey with Stena Line. Today our main owner, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Stena AB celebrates his 70th birthday. There have been many eventful and exciting years that we would like to share with you here…

The year 1966

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In the year 1966, the expansion of the Stena Line ferries is intended to continue. When the new ferry to Germany is delayed, the year becomes instead a period of consolidation of what has been achieved thus far. There are also clouds on the horizon, and prospects for the future are changing. In 1967, a…

Stena Carrier

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In the late 1960s, shipping is moving at a rapid pace into a new phase with the aggregation of smaller cargo items into larger units – on long-distance journeys into containers and shorter distances on trailers. Container ships and cargo ferries for rolling goods are becoming more common. Stena orders a cargo ferry in 1969,…

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